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Titanium Dioxide Rutile R900+

  • Titanium Dioxide Rutile R900+
Titanium Dioxide Rutile R900+
  • Product Details

【Product Introduction】

R900+ is produced by sulphate process. It is a rutile one for universal use. R600 has excellent hiding power and tinting strength. It is recommended in primer coatings, industrial coatings and road marking paints.


【Typical Properties】


Technical specifications

Inorganic surface treatment

Al2O3, SiO2

Organic surface treatment


TiO2 content % (m/m)


Rutile content, %

≥ 98

Tint reducing power, TCS  

≥ 1850

Oil absorption value, %  (m/m)

≤ 22

pH value of water suspension


Electrical resistance of aqueous extract, Ωm   

≥ 80

Volatile at 105 ℃, %(g/100g) 

≤ 0.5

Water soluble, %  

≤ 0.5

Residue on sieve (45 ≤μm mesh), % (m/m ) 

≤ 0.1



 ◇outstanding hiding power; ◇excellent tinting strength; ◇good weatherability;  ◇fine particle size and particle distribution.


◇Latex paint; ◇Industrial coatings; ◇Automotive refinish primer; ◇powder coatings; 


25kgs woven bag, 500/1000kgs plastic woven bag (or by customer's option).