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Fine and Sparkling Al-paste

  • Fine and Sparkling Al-paste
Fine and Sparkling Al-paste
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Introduction: The sparkling series are produced with high purity spherical aluminium powder. These grades are acid resistant and weather resistant, which impart good metallic effect. They are widely applied in metal and plastic coatings, automotive coating, coil coatings, home and office appliances coatings, fluorocarbon paint and machinery coatings etc.

Product CodeNon-Volatile(±2)SolventScreen Analysis45μm(%) min.Particle Size (μm)Particle ShapeLeafing/Non-leafing
ZT301072%HA99.014Silver dollarNon-leafing
ZT301472%HA99.016Silver dollarNon-leafing
ZT301872%HA99.018Silver dollarNon-leafing
ZT302072%HA99.020Silver dollarNon-leafing
ZT302672%HA99.026Silver dollarNon-leafing
ZT302872%HA99.028Silver dollarNon-leafing
ZT353072%HA99.033Silver dollarNon-leafing