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Imitation Electroplating Al-paste

  • Imitation Electroplating Al-paste
Imitation Electroplating Al-paste
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Introduction: Advanced equipment and fine grinding process are adopted in the production of imitation electroplating Al-paste, which generates silver-dollar shape of aluminum particle, with smooth surface and edges. The particle distribution is centralized, contributing to decent metallic texture, extraordinary hiding power, smooth and fine filming, presenting very bright gloss and compactness.

Applications: Decorative Paints in plastic, home appliances, automobile, PDAs and industrial products.

Product CodeNon-Volatile(±2)SolventScreen Analysis<45μm(≥%)Particle Size (μm)Particle ShapeLeafing/Non-leafing
ZT4003A68HA99.57Silver dollarNon-leafing
ZT4006A72HA99.58Silver dollarNon-leafing
ZT400772HA999Silver dollarNon-leafing
ZT401072HA9912Silver dollarNon-leafing
ZT401372HA9915Silver dollarNon-leafing